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Keenovo Silicone Heater 250mm x 400mm for Tevo Black Widow 3D Printer Build Plate HeatBed Heating Upgrade

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  • Wonderful silicone heater for your Tevo Black Widow 3D printer build plate heating upgrade.
  • 250mm x 400mm, with 4 pre-made screw holes at corners(10mm from hole center to edges)
  • Please choose the suitable version for your printer.
  • All pads come with 3M adhesive backing for excellent and easy mounting.
  • Comes with a free NTC 100K thermistor ( Beta 25/50 3950K-1%, Click Here for the R-T datasheet. Choose type 11 or 13 in Marlin firmware.) uless specified otherwise.

Important Notes:

  • Heaters may get super hot. Please handle with care.
  • Red wires are the Thermistor sensor extenstion wires, white wires are for voltage supply to the heating element.
  • A supporting frame/layer is strongly suggested to have the heating element "sandwiched" tightly for better heating result. Please kindly check this post about a Perfect Installation.
  • If your heater does not come with a Keenovo Digital controller, you may want to wire it via an SSR, please kindly check this post on SSR Wiring.
  • As we receive customer feedback, we do make small alterations to our products if we feel they improve the their performance and stability. The item(s) you receive might reflect some of these slight changes and improvements.