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C-Lin SSR 40A 440VAC Solid State Relay Input 3V~32VDC 40DA

C-Lin SSR 40A 440VAC Solid State Relay Input 3V~32VDC 40DA

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  • This listing is for a brandnew C-Lin SSR of premium quality as shown in the pictures:
    • Input: 3V~32V DC ( 3 and 4 --Polarity: 3--> Positive, 4--> Negative)
    • Output: 24V~440V AC ( 1 and 2 --no polarity)
    • Capacity: 40 amps( strongly suggest consuming only 50% capacity)
    • Qty: 1 pc
  • This unit enables you to use a KEENOVO silicone heater pad powered by Mains voltages for your 3D printer heatbed and have it controlled with 12V electronics from the printer, just like using a 12V heater pad directly on your printer.
  • Two most important advantages are a) much higher wattage, thus faster heating is possible with a lower current draw, b) less pressure on the PSU.
  • Wiring is simple and shown in the last picture of the listing. Please refer to this page for detailed wiring instructions.

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