How to connect a Keenovo heater pad to the Keenovo Digital Controller

It's simple to make the connection.

Please connect the white wires from the heater pad to the two bare wires in red sleeve from the controller.

As for the sensor, you may use the one from the controller and attach the sensor probe to the heater surface or the aluminum plate with silicone RTV sealant.

Or, you can use the sensor from the heater pad ( red wires if available) for the controlling. In this case, please cut the black sensor wire in the middle and connect the red wires to the black wires.

There is no polarity for the red, black or white wires.
So as long as they are well connected as instructed above, everything shall work well.

We suggest using mating connectors for the connection so you can swap sensor or heater pad easily for the controller.

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