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Keenovo Dew Heater Bands Finder Telescopes Eyepieces Optics Anti-Condensation Heating Element

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  • Designed specifically for telescopes anti-condensation heating with low current draw with even heating.
  • Velcro straps offers easy and convenient mounting by wrapping around locations where heat is desired.
  • Comes with 2m or 6.5' power cables(bare ended). Long enough to handle around.
  • Versatile and may be used in many other applications.
  • Heater options for 4.5" , 5", 5.5" , 6" , 7" , 12"...etc are also available and we'd be happy to make a custom one to fit your specific telescope if these do not fit.

Important Notes:

  • Please make sure of a tight contact around the telescope.
  • As we receive customer feedback, we do make small alterations to our products if we feel they improve the their performance and stability.
    The item(s) you receive might reflect some of these slight changes and improvements.
  • Any questions, message us. Response within 24 hours guaranteed.