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Keenovo Silicone Heating Blanket Musical Instrument Guitar Ukulele Mandolin Side Bending Wood Working PVC Board Sheet Bending Heater

Keenovo Silicone Heating Blanket Musical Instrument Guitar Ukulele Mandolin Side Bending Wood Working PVC Board Sheet Bending Heater

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  • Wonderful silicone heater for your musical instruments side bending and/or wood working PVC bending jobs.
  • Please choose the suitable version for your task. Blankets with Dial Thermostat are generally designed with medium heating performance.
  • Versatile and may be used in many other applications.
  • Keenovo carries a full range of standard and custom designed silicone heaters, contact us if you need a special heater made.

Important Notes:

  • Heaters may get super hot. Please handle with care. Please always use it "sandwiched" between two metal slats(i.e. spring steel slat/double tin foil wrap/wood/double tin foil wrap/spring steel slat) and make sure of a tight clamp to ensure smooth heat transfer.
  • The blankets may rise to over 200 Deg C in minutes, please DO NOT plug in when WITHOUT a proper heat sink, or it will be difficult for the digital controller to catch up during this initial heating phase before the set temperature is reached, especially when the temperature sensor is in cold condition and/or the set value is very high. It's strongly suggested to monitor the heating performance on your machine and decide if a short pause/cut-off on power should be necessary during this first minutes till the set temperature is achieved.
  • No thermostat or Keenovo controller is included unless they are mentioned on the versions.
  • If your heater comes with a Dial Thermostat, please kindly note that, being mechanical, it is not that accurate when compared with a digital controller and may fall behind the actual temperature on blanket as it heats so quickly.
    Please use extra thermometer to keep track of the real surface temperature.
  • If your heater comes with Keenovo Digital Controller, please read the Controller Configuration Manual, especially the "Advanced Setting" part, carefully BEFORE making any changes on the controller.
  • The controller unit is 100% brand new. Yet due to manufacturing reasons, stains, dusts or scratches may be present on the silicone case. It may also fit less tight as shown in the picture. Please consider this before the purchase.
  • Plug is only supplied to the blanket with Keenovo Digital Controller. We can add or change one for you upon request.
  • As we receive customer feedback, we do make small alterations to our products if we feel they improve the their performance and stability. The item(s) you receive might reflect some of these slight changes and improvements.
  • Do not cut the heater.