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KEENOVO All-Purpose Mechanical Dial Thermostat Controller Box 20A w/Range 0~200C

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  • Current load: 20A/ ~250V (5000W @ 250V or 2400W @ 120V)
  • Dial Scale: ~200C
  • Active Temperature Regulating Range: 30~40C  to 200C
  • Comes well insulated in silicone case and sponge base.
  • Readily wired in 2m silicone cable(1m to voltage supply and 1m to load.
  • There is no difference for voltage or load between the two cables).

Important Notes:

  • It's suggested to mount the sensor probe with Silicone Thermal/High Temperature RTV Sealant and/or self-amalgamating silicone tape if you are attaching it to an object surface.
  • The thermostat, being mechanical, is not that accurate when compared with a digital controller. Please use extra thermometer to keep track of the real surface temperature.
  • The controller unit is 100% brand new. Yet due to manufacturing reasons, stains, dusts or scratches may be present on the silicone case. It may also fit less tight as shown in the picture. Please consider this before the purchase.
  • Any questions, email us. Response within 24 hours guaranteed.
  • As we receive customer feedback, we do make small alterations to our products if we feel they improve the their performance and stability. The item(s) you receive might reflect some of these slight changes and improvements.