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KEENOVO All-Purpose Digital Thermostat Controller Box 30A w/ Temperature Range of -30C~300C

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  • A complete control option, ready to be used with plug and waterproof sensor fitted. NO MORE tedious wiring before precise temperature is possible
  • Controller comes well insulated in silicone case, and is capable of providing Display in Fahrenheit( Celsius by default) as well as timer function after configuration.( Click Here to download a complete Configuration Manual in PDF format.)
  • Temperature Controlling Range: -30C ~ 300C

Important Notes:

  • Please connect the two bare white wires coming out from the red sleeve to your load.
  • It's suggested to mount the sensor probe with RTV Thermal Silicone Sealant if you are attaching it to a hard surface to improve heat transfer around the sensor.
  • Though the nominal rating of the controller is 30 Amps, we suggest to use only half its capacity. Thus the maximum loads recommended for the controllers would be 3300W for the 220V version, 1650W for the 110V version.
  • Please read the Controller Configuration Manual, especially the "Advanced Setting" part, carefully BEFORE making any changes on the controller.
  • It's strongly suggested to set the "D" value under the basic menu to the largest value allowed in your application so as to increase the lifetime of the relay contacts.
  • The controller unit is 100% brand new. Yet due to manufacturing reasons, stains, dusts or scratches may be present on the silicone case. It may also fit less tight as shown in the picture. Please consider this before the purchase.
  • Any questions, email us. Response within 24 hours guaranteed.
  • As we receive customer feedback, we do make small alterations to our products if we feel they improve the their performance and stability. The item(s) you receive might reflect some of these slight changes and improvements.