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How to replace a thermistor

Sometimes, you may need to replace a malfunction thermistor that comes free with the heater. These could be some helpful tips:

1) Cut the two small red PTFE sensor wires( usually 22AWG), some Keenovo Digital Controller has them in a white sleeve, cut the white sleeve in this case.
Cut close to the thermistor bulge. Never Try to open the patch/bulge or cut into the heater surface.

2) Connect the new thermistor( NTC100K Thermistor B 3950-1%) to the two red wires. There is no polarity here.

3) Attach the thermistor to the heater surface. High temperature silicone RTV cement is recommended for a permanent installation.


  • Is it possible To order a heat pad 220 × 220 with Holmes in the four corners


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