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How to remove from a 3M adhesive backing installation

Sometimes, you may need to remove a heater pad installed with an adhesve backing. Here below could be some helpful tips for this:

1) Warm the adhesives.
2) Use a fishing line to cut through the adhesive, start from each corners, little by little.
3) Clean and remove the residue with citrus cleaner ( please follow cleaner instructions).
4) Use high temperature silicone RTV sealant(usually a red paste) to adhere the heater pad to the new aluminum or glass plate. ( a thin layer will do and please make sure of no air bubble trapped).
5) Apply a thick bead of the sealant around the edges of the heater pad.
6) Add some pressure on the heater pad surface evenly and let it cure thoroughly( please follow RTV sealant instructions for the time required in the curing process.)

You may use a thin sharp blade for the cutting if a fishing line is not available.
Care must be taken to not cut into the heater pad.


  • Hi Michael Andreasson, Please kindly follow instructions from the cleaner you use.

  • Hi John, Thank you very much this valuable information. It’s much appreciated!

  • It says to ‘please follow cleaner instructions’ in point 3, where can I find those?

    Michael Andreasson
  • Just wanted to share, I ended up having to use a knife as no amount of heat + fishing line would work its way through the adhesive. Toward the end my hands were covered in adhesive and I used iso alcohol to take it off…. Works a treat. Can save some time and gently work the alcohol under the heater and let it dissolve the glue bonds as you gently pull. Much easier in my opinion.


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